Applied and Quantitative Math Practice

1. If you have wrenches of the following sizes, which is the largest?

2. If a recipe calls for ¾ a cup of sugar, but you need to reduce the yield of the recipe by half, how much sugar should you use?

3. You operate a convenience store and sell bottled sodas. The wholesale price of the sodas is $.50 and the retail price is 1.35. What percent of the wholesale price is the markup?

4. You mortgage $200,000 of a house at 5% interest. How much interest would you pay each month on your mortgage for the first year?

5. An ice cream store has 31 flavors of ice cream. They also offer 8 different toppings. Additionally, they have three serving options: sugar cone, cake cone or cup. Assuming each serving has one flavor of ice cream and one topping, how many different ice cream, topping and serving options can you make?

6. In the lottery pick three, you choose three single digit numbers (0-9). What is the probability that you will pick all three numbers correctly and in the correct order?

7. You have a 1/24-scale model of a car. If the bumper is 2.5 inches wide on the model, how wide would it be on the real car?

8. If you score a 152, 155, 160 and 158 on your four GED tests, what is your mean score?

9. What is the Range of your scores?

10. Find this absolute value: |3 – 8|

11. Express this amount in scientific notation: 0.00038